What is the best DNS server?

DNS attacks and problems occur when DNS is not a priority for your ISP. To avoid these problems, simply switch to a service that makes DNS security and privacy a priority. Find out for yourself, via this guide, which DNS server is best.

Which DNS server should I choose?

DNS servers offer an alternative way to connect securely online. For more information on DNS servers, visit: https://www.what-you-must-know.com/. Google's public DNS has been available for almost 10 years, with the easy-to-remember IP addresses of and Google promises a secure, attack-resistant DNS connection and speed advantages.
OpenDNS does not have memorable IP addresses like Google, but offers a variety of services. In addition to DNS focused on security and privacy, OpenDNS has developed a system called FamilyShield, which can block inappropriate pages. The company also offers a premium parental control system that gives parents more granular control over filtering.
Cloudflare is probably the best placed Internet Company you'll ever know. It provides websites with Internet security and protection against distributed denial of service attacks, among other services. Last year, Cloudflare provided secure DNS, with the very memorable IP addresses of and More recently, the company launched a plan for its mobile app to replace VPN protection.
There are other free, public and security-focused DNS services, but you won't go wrong with these big three. In fact, the field may be narrowing. Last year, Symantec shut down its Norton ConnectSafe service, directing users to OpenDNS.