Top 5 traditional board games around the world!

Games, especially board games, have always been an integral part of human life. Some board games have made it through various eras while others have only recently been invented. It is important to note that each continent has its own board games. To this end, we offer you a top 5 of the best board games around the world!

The Yahtzee

Also known as Yam's, Yahtzee is a traditional board game that first appeared in 1954 in Canada. It is a game of reasoned chance that is played with 5 dice and this, with two or more players. Yam's exists in different variations and therefore the rules are variable. Are you passionate about Yam's? Learn more about it on .


Awalé is a traditional board game of African origin. It is the most famous African board game in the world. It is played in several African countries, and as a result, it has a multitude of names. The game board of awalé is similar to two half logs connected together in which six holes are dug on each side. The game is played with seeds, marbles or pebbles. The main thing is that there are 48 seeds or pebbles, with 4 seeds per hole at the beginning.


Originating from China, mahjong is undoubtedly the most famous Asian game.  It is a domino game played with small tiles. On each tile are symbols that are classified according to different families.  Unlike the Japanese Shohi, which is played with two people, mahjong must be played with three people. It is also important to note that there are several variations of the game.

The Mutorere

It is one of the most popular games in Oceania. It is a board game that is played by two people with two different types of pieces. Each player is represented by black or white pieces. A game of Mutorere usually lasts ten minutes. It is possible to play it from 5 years old.


It is the most popular board game in Europe and worldwide. Born in Asia, the game of chess has appeared since more than 15th century. It has managed to stand the test of time and has lost none of its popularity. It is played by two people on a 32 piece board (16 for each player). Chess is a game of strategy. It requires a lot of thought.

Many traditional board games such as bridge or shogi are also very popular. Quite interesting, they will also allow you to spend excellent moments of relaxation.