Should you leave your PC charger plugged in all the time ?

Unlike with smartphones, PC users are more likely to keep their laptops plugged in most of the time. What are the risks to battery life and what are best practices ? This is a question that many ask with natural apprehensions as to the risks it could have to battery health. But at the same time, many users leave the charger plugged in when they are near a power source. If you want to know all about the risks of this practice, read this article.

What are the risks of leaving your laptop plugged all time ?

Modern computers mostly use lithium ion (Li-ion) and lithium-polymer (Li-Po) batteries. The same is true for battery for philips laptop. In both cases, it is impossible for the battery to be overcharged. When it reaches 100%, charging stops. Your computer works directly by cable. As soon as your battery drops below 100%, it will charge again. There is therefore no risk of overcharging of the battery which could damage it. 

If so, why does your battery capacity decrease over time ? This phenomenon is obvious. Your battery life will decrease. It is simply the consequence of its use. Most batteries have an estimated life of around 500 complete cycles. But, at the same time, one should avoid keeping the battery at a high level for too long. It is in fact a difficult balance that you must maintain over time. The optimal battery level is 50%.

Do you have to remove the battery when you're on the mains ?

Once your laptop battery is 100% charged, you can remove the battery. This prevents it from overheating and thus suffering damage. Paradoxically, a gaming laptop, even if it is likely to heat up more, is generally better equipped from a fan point of view. The situation really has to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you move regularly and have to install and remove the battery every time, this is not necessarily a good solution either. Just keep in mind that your battery should not be overcharged to affect its cycle. And to do this, depending on the use of your computer, you can either choose to sometimes work without a battery or buy a second one.