How to accessorize a Durag with your outfit?

The durag is one of the fashion accessories that is common to many cultures. If it was once worn by the African American people, today many other people wear it around the world. As a matter of fact, there are different types of durag, each with its own characteristics. A satin may fit you, while a silk, velvet or velour durag may fit others. However, some people do not know how to accessorize a durag with their outfit. Here is how you proceed to do so!

Choose the right jewelry and accessories

The jewelry plays a great role in your outfit, especially when you wear a durag. In fact, wearing a durag wave is not a mere thing; you have to choose the right jewelry as well to match your whole outfit. That being said, the jewelry you choose shall match the color and type of your durag. As an example, you may choose a colorful jewelry that gently highlights your durag. 
In addition to the jewelry, you can also add some trendy accessories such as glasses to complement your durag look. You can even add a scarf, a bandana or a headband to make it more outstanding. Now that you have the right jewelry and accessories to accompany your durag style, let's take a look at the clothes that can fit a durag.

Find the right top or t-shirt

There are some special clothes that should complement your look with a durag. That being said, you should not dress up anyhow if you want to enhance your style while wearing a durag. And white t-shirts are very suitable for that. In fact, white color can complement any durag you have. 
If you don't like white color, you can always wear any other t-shirt but make sure it matches the durag. Do not forget that there is also the jewelry and it has to match the durag (and the t-shirt) so choose your top wisely.

Remember the pants and sneakers

For a formal look, you can add wide-leg pants and a pair of sneakers to your style. Those two are fundamentals when it comes to wearing a durag. However, if you are more like a hip-hop person, you can choose very wide pants and t-shirts. You may also add big sneakers to it as well.

In Addition to the clothes we have cited above, you may also add a pair of slacks or socks to your outfit. But remember, those should match the color of the durag. Also, know that the jogging style doesn't match the durag style. Nowadays, this stylist item is more than just a fabric to keep hairs.

Be luxury fashioned with your durag!

Durags can also be worn with luxury clothes and items. If yours is not made of too bright colors, you can wear it with modern clothes and urban outfits made with noble and modest materials. In any case, wearing a durag that matches one's outfit is all about preferences, and occasions.
That said, you should also take the color into account while wearing a durag outfit. Black durags are very classy and can match with any outfit. However, if you do not like black, you can choose other colors such as white red, pink, blue, purple, gray, brown, etc. so as to give a unique touch to your style!