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dead·beat Pronunciation: 'ded-"bEt
Noun : one who persistently fails to pay personal debts or expenses

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The last time we did this we got all kinds of hate mail.


They had fun at your expense .. now it's your turn!!

They'll be mad .. and you'll be glad that they are getting the exposure that they truly earned and deserve.

Sit back and watch the fireworks as the word spreads that their info is online!

Smile when the watchdogs of America tell you and CSE where they work and where they live.

Smile because you know one of their friends is bound to say, "I hear you're a deadbeat and owe over $10,000. What's up with that?"

What can they possibly say that won't make them sound like a total loser?

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Please make sure you give a valid email address. I've been trying to help as many of you as I can in locating these deadbeat parent's but several given email addresses are not valid.
... P

Site Comments:

I have been waiting for office of recovery services since July to find my ex-husband and start garnishing his wages to help me support our two children and I can't tell you how disheartened I became that no one was doing anything. I solely support these two beautiful children and their dad still demands his rights to talk to them and see them which of course I allow for the children only, but he refuses to support them on a regular basis so when I found this website I was a little hopeful that someone somewhere would find him. I put him on the website and then two weeks later ORS did find his employer. I also know that this will not last it never does for long and it is nice to know I have somewhere else to go when he goes underground again. I will not wait so long next time to post his unwillingness to support his children on your website. So thank you again for giving me somewhere else to go besides the government that is already so over run with unwilling parents to provide for their children.
... M. R.

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Parents, please be active participants in your children's lives. They grow up so fast and the precious moments you miss will be gone forever. There is no going back and no overs. Make it your best shot.


We keep saying "You never know who's looking". This was a letter from the last time we ran our deadbeat forum from Fugitive Recovery Agent Dan Kane. .. It will happen again. It could happen to you!

"Back in April of this year, I took the info. from your site and located a Mr. Brian C. The childs mother (Becky J) gave me some added info. I forwarded my info to the agent in charge, Dept. Human Services, Jefferson Co. Colorado. On May 10. I received a letter from the Agent in charge and was told that I had found Mr. C."

Site Comments:

I commend you on the work you guys are doing. Deadbeat parents need to be viewed by the world. it doesn't matter what race or bank account they have. ... Virginia:

I'm a PI/skiptracer. When things are slow I like to come to a site and write down a few names to search in my databases...for free. Fee-paid ones pay the bills but one for free once in a while makes me feel good. Hunt them down and make them pay..... Jim

Thanks for doing a great service for our kids!!!!!! ... Eileen

GREAT website !!! ... Chandra

I'm so glad I came across this website. I'm trying to track a deadbeat dad and I look very forward to using your services. Thanks so much! ... Tonia

Sweet site! ... Todd Hamilton