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dead·beat Pronunciation: 'ded-"bEt
Noun : one who persistently fails to pay personal debts or expenses



Children are living breathing human beings - not cute little puppies that you leave on a street corner, drop with relatives, or abandon when you get tired of the responsibility.

They are a life long commitment.

If you can not pay your child support for whatever reason speak up! And to the ex-spouse - "listen" with an understanding and work it out in a logical manner. Don't make demands. Try to remember why you got married and why you had children. Don't blame the court for their decision when it was your responsibility to decide what was to be done. You have no right to complain when you are guilty of giving your power away to someone else to decide for you.

If you are not paying child support just because (shame on you). You better look at the big picture, grow up, and get a life. You produced a child for whatever reason and that child is 1/2 your responsibility whether you like it or not (not the governments responsibility) .

You are self servant and engrossed with your own feelings, your playtime, your money, your power, and only interested in what you want. You care about no one but yourself. Often times you run when found, jump state, hide behind other people, organizations, and unfortunately act as the wolf in sheeps clothing sometimes hiding behind scripture to substantiate your actions.
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Frustration can take many forms

Taking out of context only what suits your needs at the moment and using a classic "spin" move copied from the institutions you hate and fear most - The agencies that will make you accountable for your actions.

If you are a parent seeking to increase your child support ask yourself a question of fairness. If you are not working (maybe you should be). Don't put all the burden on the non custodial parent. Staying home to watch the kids isn't an option in most cases. Children require teamwork - and a lot of it. It's always better with two parents in the same household. However, playing games and alienating your ex is not the way to go.

Refusing your ex's visitation is not conducive to good relations, and definitely not good for the children. Neither is bad mouthing your ex to the children. You're an adult, so act like it. Children need both parents. By law, unless this parent is a menace or dangerous, they are entitled visitation of their own children. If you have just cause for worry, call child protection services.

Parents please be active participants in your children's lives. They grow up so fast and the precious moments you miss will be gone forever. There is no going back and no overs.

Make it your best shot.

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